Headquartered in Lebanon, SAKA is a market-driven company that markets and distributes an extensive portfolio of tires, batteries, lubricants, garage equipment & accessories. We cater to 300+ tire service centers, fleets & companies in Lebanon. In addition, our offshore operations entail business with subsidiaries and sister companies in several West African and MENA countries.
  • Market territory segregation avoiding inter-brand competition
  • Brands portfolio management to steer clear of inter-tier competition
  • Unique brand positioning as per brand identity and price level
To provide top quality products and services, maintain our top market ranking, and expand our domestic and international markets using our long standing heritage, goodwill, and marketing strategies.
  • We uphold integrity, transparency and accountability among each other and with our business partners.
  • We work as a team with passion & trust to deliver the best products & services in the most timely and efficient manner.
  • We promote client satisfaction & mutual progress.
  • We endeavor to promote accountability and empowerment not only to our employees but also to our community through corporate social responsibility strategies.
It is the mission of SAKA, through our value driven culture, to build and maintain partnerships with our business partners. 
SAKA’s well-trained family of highly professional personnel provides a wide range of quality products and expert services to uphold our long-standing heritage, good will, and consistent customer satisfaction.
Established by Mr. Sleiman Abdul Khalek, Saka Trading Co. has been in operation since 1960. 
Our activities were initially confined to the Lebanese markets, and we experienced continuous international growth over time through the import and export of tires around the globe. 
Today, SAKA deals with prime clients and business partners in 14 countries and handles more than 25 tire, lubricants, garage equipment and battery brands on exclusivity basis.

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